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How to Tattoo with an Electric Machine

Only use new sterilized needles specifically designed and made for tattooing. There are generally two types of needle set ups.

1. Liner Needles :- These are actually 1 to 18 needles soldered together. These needles are used mostly for outlines or thin line work.

2. Shading Needles :- These are from 5 to 100 individual needles which are used for coloring, shading and filling.

General Needle Arrangements

Diameter of tattoo needle typesThe diameter of tattoo needle types can be found by looking at the first two numbers of the packaging. If you look at your pre-made needle packaging, you will notice it will say something like 1207RL. The two numbers, 12, indicate the diameter. The 4 most common diameters are

#12, #10, #8 and #6. #12 is the largest size diameter at 0.35mm. #10 is a diameter of 0.30mm. #8 is a diameter of 0.25mm. #6 is a diameter of 0.20mm. #12, 0.35mm diameter is the most common diameter for most needles. #10, 0.30mm is the most common diameter for ones used for lining.

The taper or point length indicates the shape of the point. A short taper will have a short point. A long taper will have a long point. Different manufacturers have their own specs for what taper they use. A standard short taper is usually 1.5mm. A long taper would be 2.0mm. Extremely long tapers can go as much as 7mm.

The count indicates the number of needles grouped together at the point of the bar. In the example we used earlier, a 1207RL needle, where 12 is the diameter, 7 indicates the count. So a 1207RL needle will have 7 needles soldered to the tip of the bar.

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