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How to Tattoo

Most tattoo artists nowadays use electric tattoo machines to transfer the images in their minds onto the canvases of their customers’ bodies.
This has made the act of tattooing much more exact and less painful than in the past. There are more choices as to tattoo needle variations and speed settings than ever before.
Tattoo artists must remain consistent in their use of the tattoo machine in order to stay familiar with their equipment. Modern machines have various attachments and settings which the artist must be able to use fluently. The tattoo artist should be able to tell by the sound of their equipment that the needle is set to the proper length, with approx. 2 mm protruding from the end of the tube. The exact voltage level used will depend on the individual design of the tattoo and the tattoo machine. Rubber bands should be used near the center of the tattoo needle to reduce side-to-side vibrations and keep the tattoo lines clear and precise. There is a lot to learn and it will be surprising how much you can learn in a sort time.

Tattoo Equipment

Here is some of the equipment needed for the tattoo process: 
1.        Tattoo Machine :-  Depends on size and price requirements, but should be a comfortable fit in the hand
2.        Tattoo Needles :- Needles for the tattoo machine come in various sizes and fit most brands
3.        Power Supply :- Multi-level, Adjustable Power Source
4.        Foot Pedal Switch :- There are many designs, on and off power switch
5.        Carbon Paper :-  used for transferring tattoo design when not doing free-hand work
6.        Tattoo Ink :- Make sure you use original and not fake / copy
7.        Lubricant :- Vaseline / oil
8.        Sanitary :- Paper towels, Latex gloves and facemask
9.        Sanitizing :-  Ultra sonic baths, auto clave, alchol etc

10.   Tattoo Art :- Printer, tattoo pens, software, flash art, Google tattoo images etc

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