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Due to our continued success we have changed our course prices to reflect that. For beginners we have restructured the pricing so on week 3 you start to get discount. The more weeks you do, the better you will get. For returning students 15,000 Baht per week. Accommodation is included in the course price. We are committed to our past and new students, everyone is welcome to join our program. We want to see all our student succeed and achieve there ultimate goal which many have done so. You are all welcome to join our program.

A certificate will be issued on completion of the course. The certificate is recognized all over the world as we are a registered company with the Thai government. We are the only licence tattoo studio in Thailand. You will need a certificate to operate a studio in most western countries.

Training Course Prices :- Approx, exchange rates very. Baht is the final amount.

Training courses, we are dedicated to getting you to tattoo at the highest level no matter where you start from.

Machine and Bamboo tattooing. It is up to you how advanced you become. The more time you spend with us the better.

Beginner or Advance

Tattoo Electric Machine Course Fees

We will teach you to highest level you can reach.

2 week Course = 50,000 Baht

We offer a special rate from weeks 3

3 week Course = 60,000 Baht

Then 15,000 Baht per week

Price includes bed room

Bamboo Hand Poke Course Fees

Beginner or Advance

We will teach you to highest level you can reach and we are the best in the world for this.

2 week Course = 60,000 Baht

We offer a special rate from weeks 3

3 week Course = 70,000 Baht

Then 20,000 Baht per week

These prices are probably the lowest you will come across and at the same time the highest quality tattoo training you can get. Start a career and at the same time, enjoy a holiday of a life time.


20,000 Baht deposit for the first 2 weeks then 5,000 Baht for each week after that. Deposit is not refundable unless can refill the booking. If need to change dates that should be ok. Payment which can be made through bank transfers. All bank charges must be paid by yourself and money should be transferred in Baht. All adjustments will be added to the outstanding amount.  

The outstanding amount must be paid in the first 3 days on arrival. We take any currency in cash and it will be exchanged at a good rate as we have a trader to do that for you. Also we accept credit cards and debit cards. The card fee is 3% above the fees due to bank charges. You can exchange money or travelers cheque at any bank.  

You can use ATM machines (about 15,000 baht per day depending on your card limit and exchange rates) the charge for taking money out of an ATM machines is 160 Baht a time. You can also go in the bank with a credit card and passport and draw it out in one go.  

Everything is really easy and straightforward and our English speaking staff are always there to help you if you need it.


Do you want to become a tattooist. Make people happy by tattooing them?