Start Dates, Times and Fees

We have fixed start dates of Monday of each week, we may be able to be flexible with this depending on schedules.

There is a 2 week minimum for beginners. We do not accept one week under any circumstances. We have also a 6 week maximum limit, this is to allow others the opportunity to stay with us.

The price for the initial 2 weeks is $1,500. With each extra week booked an additional $650 to a maximum of 6 weeks at $4,300.

The fees include:

  • Access to the studio during set times
  • A professional workstation and tattoo chair
  • Computer access and relevant programs
  • English speaking instruction
  • New modern machines and supplies
  • All relevant supplies pertaining to the tattoo process 

Course Deposit is 50% of course booked. None refundable but we will let you change dates if available.

Course deposit Payments can be done through, Bank transfer and Paypal, all cost to be paid by sender.

The remainder of payment can be done in cash, bank transfer, paypal or credit card.

Returning students is $500 per week

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