Start Dates, Times and Fees

You can start any day from Monday to Saturday. Sunday is a day off. 

There is a 2 week minimum for beginners. 

Beginners Machine Tattoo Course

The price for the initial 2 weeks is about $1,000 or in Thai Baht is 30,000 and then 15,000 baht or about $500 for each week after that.

Payment will be in Thai Baht.

2 weeks course = $975 or 30,000 THB

3 weeks course = $1,460 or 45,000 THB

4 weeks course = $1,950 or 60,000 THB

5 weeks course = $2,435 or 75,000 THB

6 weeks course = $2,925 or 90,000 THB


Payment will be in Thai Baht.


3 weeks course = $2140 or 66,000 THB

4 weeks course = $2,855 or 88,000 THB

5 weeks course = $3,570 or 110,000 THB

6 weeks course = $4,285 or 132,000 THB

The fees include:

  • Access to the studio during set times
  • A professional workstation and tattoo chair
  • Computer access and relevant programs
  • English speaking Staff
  • New modern machines and supplies
  • All relevant supplies pertaining to the tattoo process 

Course Deposit depends on the course and how long you book for.  It is non-refundable but we will let you change dates if available.

Course deposit Payments can be done through, Bank transfer and Paypal, all cost to be paid by sender.

The remainder of the payment can be done in cash, bank transfer, PayPal, or credit card.

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